Introducing Creativity To The Alternative Diet: Many of us have segued from traditional dietary lifestyle to alternative dietary lifestyles, i.e. Gluten free, Vegan, Grain free, Real food, etc. What are we discovering?? These recipes are NOT mediocre!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I know! I know! About darn time!!!! I am loving these recipes this round but have been lazy at posting my reviews!!! So here we go.....

Chicken and Green Olive Enchiladas
Although this isn't my favorite enchilada recipe I will probably make it again. I love the depth of flavor the cinnamon, choc, and olives added. I was a bit hesitant when I read the recipe but ended up enjoying it. I am a bit traditional and seem to prefer a simplier version of enchiladas though. I will say that the family I work for also had this for dinner one night (I do the cooking) and they LOVED it!!!!

Pork and cabbage Yakisoba
YUMMY!!! I did cheat on this a bit by using a "coleslaw" mix of pre chopped cabbage and carrots so the proportions may not have been exact but, I liked it. I love the sauce that this made! It had really yummy flavor and wasnt just the saltiness of soy! I think next time I will add a few more veggies and probably some water chestnuts or nuts on top to give a bit of crunch!

Stovetop Chili Mac
This is another recipe that made me stop and reread wondering if it would go over well in my family. IT DID!!! My daughter loved it!I love how easy it was! Definitely a make again meal!